With Us or Against Us

In a contemptible echo of White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs' recent comments lamenting the ingratitude of the "professional left," Deputy Director of the White House Office of Public Engagement Brian Bond used the occasion of a White House meeting with state LGBTQI equality groups to "express frustration at the often intense criticism levied, particularly by bloggers, against an administration that is '99 percent supportive of your issues'."

Says Pam: "If you're 99% supportive, that is a helluva 1% left over."

And if the president is 99% supportive, then his utter lack of leadership on LGBTQI issues is illustrative of what a craven, unprincipled, politicking jackass he is.

Meanwhile, as long as members of the Obama administration are going to sit around whinging about the lack of undiluted support from LGBTQI/lefty bloggers, journalists, commentators, and activists, I'd like them to detail how, precisely, our collective failure to sufficiently bootlick is responsible for any legislative failure they believe they've had.

Because, from where I'm sitting, the criticism is a result of the Obama administration successfully pursuing objectionable strategies and/or not pursuing progressive strategies, and even the Obama administration doesn't seem to feel like they're failing mightily on a progressive agenda. Which means the Obama administration isn't really complaining that we're tying their hands; it means they're complaining about not having enough cheerleaders baking delicious cookies for them.

And that sense of belligerent entitlement to praise and support, from people who aren't being well-served by their policies, is breathtaking in its arrogance.

[H/T to Shaker The Chemist.]

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