What It's Like To Have ADHD

And I want to be clear here: while this is funny, it's also (for me) very much what it's like to have serious ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder - I don't have the H for Hyperactive bit, but wow do I have the rest). Try having a brief one-topic (LOL!) conversation with me sometime, it's like trying to get from Uxbridge to Woolwich Arsenal on the Tube in the morning rush: I'll get there, but it takes a while and I have to change trains a few times.

The actor is veteran Canadian comedian Rick Green. From my brief perusal, the site appears to be a legitimate resource centre for people with ADD (and for parents of children with it). I have no association with the site, but I'm all for resources being available to people to deal with this - though I do welcome any news about the organization if I'm mistaken, of course.

Transcript below the jump.

(A garden scene, with an older white apparently cis man actor wearing a black t-shirt with the letters AD/HD in an AC/DC - the rock band - style, and a towel wrapped around his waist in parody of the Old Spice ads; title is "Old Spice meets ADHD"

Man: Hello ladies. Look at me. Now look at your man. Now look at me. Now look at your man. Now look at that red bird.

Man indicates small plastic bird on birdbath behind him

What is that orange circle?

pan to orange paper circle hanging from tree

Now look at me and oh, look, there's another bird down there, that's what it's like to have ADHD.

pan back to second bird beside first bird

Does your man have ADHD?

man holds up two tickets

If he does, then here are those tickets he bought to that thing you love but then he forgot about them and never gave them to you because he got interested in model trains.

man holds up model train box

He didn't find them again until a year later when he took up welding.

man holds up some sort of welding apparatus

Now he's thinking 'I should go out in the back yard and seed things a little!'

man indicates wheelbarrow with bag of seed, then picks up gift box and shakes it

I have ADHD and I could never wait at Christmas to open things, I'd always want to know what things are.

pan to fez on top of push lawnmower

Oh! Did you know that the fez comes from Turkey?

man exchanges fez for canoe paddle

This year at the cottage, I want to go paddling, and I should remember to bring my guitar.

man indicates purple guitar leaning against something behind him

I don't play it very well, but I should exercise too so I can be in shape when I'm there.

at "exercise", he begins using some sort of arm exercise thingy

And how come they don't make pasta in different colours?

man is sprayed with - silly string, maybe?

And I'm behind in my tax paperwork but I've become interested.

man shuffles paperwork and throws it aside, before mounting recumbent bicycle

I'm also interested in bicycling and I spent $2000 on a recumbent bicycle, it's interesting, but uh-oh -

man is handed ice hockey stick

- the hockey season's started so I'll never go biking on it.

Fade to black, text on screen: GOT ADD?

We're okay with that.

Man offscreen: How did I get on a bicycle, did I buy this? Y'know what's a great movie? Mumford.

meanwhile, the screen text changes to the website logo for totallyadd.com.)

Tip of the CaitieCap to she who sent it to me with great and genuine fondness, my ex, J.

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