Wow, where to begin, GOProud? With your host? I guess a party for gay conservatives isn't a party unless you're spending $250 (or $2500 for a sponsorship!) to listen to someone calling you a fag. (You do realize that Coulter really, really hates you, yes? Oh. Obviously not.) "Our gays are more macho than their straights?" Nothing like using homophobia to combat homophobia oh, do whatever the fuck it is you do. Way to erase queer folks who don't happen to be gay men, too. I guess no one's rights matter as long as you're getting your beloved tax cut, eh?

I don't know what's more ridiculous, this ad and event, or the first sentence of your mission:
GOProud represents gay conservatives and their allies.
Allies? Where? I'd be very, very interested to see any actual gay allies in the GOP.

I see comments are closed on your announcements page. That's a shame. I was very interested to see the "ally" response to this event. But I'm sure I can look at the comments here and get a good idea.

P.S. Judy Garland had talent.

No, seriously, explain to me how the fuck Ann Coulter is the "right wing Judy Garland."

(Via. Warning, lots of gay jokes in link and comments.)

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