Ugh with the True Blood Imagery Again

[Trigger warning for sexualized violence.]

The new cover of Rolling Stone, which is [trigger warning for violent imagery] viewable here, features Alexander Skarsgård, Anna Paquin, and Stephen Moyer, all three naked, all three bathed in blood splatter. The accompany text reads: "TRUE BLOOD: They're hot. They're sexy. They're undead."

And, again, I wonder why it is that graphic images of violence aren't supposed to count (no less, are supposed to be "sexy") when they feature vampires.

If I were a more cynical person (the author raises her eyebrow and purses her lips), I would suggest that the great thing about the current vampire trend is how you can get away with all sorts of inappropriate content you couldn't otherwise, any criticism of which can be summarily dismissed with: "It's about vampires. Vampires aren't even real. What are you—stupid or something? Christ, what a hysteric."

I've heard that about me.

Most recently, as I've been informed by ONE BILLION emailers that I am both stupid and hysterical for objecting to a joke about rape, because don't I even realize that the joke was about A MYTHOLOGICAL CREATURE raping someone?!

That's really meant to cover all manner of sins these days, innit?

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