Quote of the Day

[Trigger warning for sexual violence, misogyny, fat hatred.]

"I find it ridiculously funny that the person crying and getting butthurt is some fat ugly bitch who no one would probably ever rape. Pity the poor man who tried if so, hahahaha!"—One of the many, many trolls in one of the two Penny Arcade threads (one and two), who are deeply invested in defending rape jokes by repeatedly asserting that they don't matter, even as they use rape jokes to try to needle a survivor of rape. (Irony, thy name is the Rape Apologist Troll.)

I, of course, am non-needleable at this point. I have been called variations on a fat, ugly, unrapable bitch more times than I can be arsed to count.

Which is news to me. And the man who raped me.

At this point, I merely find it bitterly amusing that posts criticizing the use of sexual violence in humor inevitably get an influx of people desperate to defend rape jokes, which they assert are meaningless.

Oh yeah? If they're so meaningless, why's it so important to defend them then...?

Prove my point MORE.

[It's truly Fat Princess all over again.]

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