Quote of the Day

"One's a virgin, another has slept with 50 men—can you guess how many lovers these women have had? You may be surprised..."Actual headline in the Daily Mail, on an article in which pictures of women are posted alongside the number of sexual partners they've had in a sort of Aesop's Fable for adults, the moral of which is "You can't judge a slut by her cover," or something.

There is a lot of cringeworthy stuff here, but I am particularly fond of the implicit admonishment to be SHOCKED! that an Asian woman hasn't racked up loads of partners, because you know how they are, with the "sucky sucky long time" and all that, book-ended with the implicit admonishment to be SHOCKED! that a fat woman has slept with FIFTY PEOPLE! because you know how they are, with the being grodius maximus and totes unlovable and stuff.

And lest you think I'm exaggerating, or finding something that isn't there, consider that the entire premise of a surprising reversal ("You may be surprised...") only works if the stereotypes of the Asian whore and the unfuckable fatty are juxtaposed against an Asian virgin and a fat woman who's had lots of lovers.

Fucking UGH.


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