Question of the Day

What was a moment that by all rights should have been an embarrassing moment for you, but was so absurd you couldn't help but laugh?

I've had dozens of these moments, but the first one that came to mind was a time in high school when I was spending the night at a friend's house. She was in the shower, and I was puttering around in her bedroom, and found a brightly-colored (like the most putrid neon; hello, it was the '90s!) plastic water-gun. I put on my best Emma Peel and waited for her to come back to her room.

The door creaked. "Freeze, dirtbag!" I commanded, pointing the garish toy pistol.

Her father—who was actually the person coming into the room—startled, looked at me with a mixture of confusion, terror, and exasperation, tossed the blanket he was holding onto the floor, and scurried away.


Her dad was just this 100% Grade-A humorless, bullying, patriarchal, fascist ass, so it was eighty million shades of hilarious that it was her dad, of all The Dads, who became the unintentional target of my misplayed prank.

When my friend returned to her room, I blurted out, "I just barked 'Freeze, dirtbag!' at your dad while pointing this water-gun at him." She collapsed into a heap, and we laughed for ten million years.

When I apologized to him later, he responded by looking at my friend and saying, "It's this kind of stupidity that I'm talking about," then walking away.

Which, naturally, made us laugh all over again, and we quoted that shit for fucking ever.

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