Multisource Fail

Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty (yes, him again! sorry, Minnesotans), in a little chat with reporters this week, described why he feels immigration enforcement is so necessary:
It's analogous in some ways to what was happening in New York not long ago. If you allow people to pee on the sidewalks, next they're snatching purses.
See, those scary brown people believed to be pouring across the border are hitting our country like streams of pee hitting the sidewalks of New York. If you don't put a stop to it, you're just encouraging the S.B.P. to start snatching stuff! And you know those people don't need any encouragement!

U.S. News and World Report's Paul Bedard seemed to find Pawlenty's remarks a bit distasteful. Oh, not the part where he invoked the image of people who travel far from home in a desperate search for work as peeing on our country before snatching our stuff — nothing objectionable there! But, Pawlenty wants to be President, and . . . he said pee! And suck! Street talk, U.S. News calls it.

It's because he's one of this younger generation of politicians, Bedard tells us. (Dang twittersnappers!) Pawlenty's but a lad of 49. We can only hope that as he matures, he'll learn to serve his casual, callous disparagement of those people — whoever they may most conveniently be at the moment — with a bit more dignity.

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