Daily Dose of Cute

A Day in the Life of Dudley Q. McEwan, Professional Chillaxer

[Warning: The below photo essay is redonkulously adorable, but also contains dog dong, so if your particular sensitivities include an aversion to evidence of male doghood, I recommend against clicking below the fold. His mouth tends to hang open when he naps, too, so there are also some viewable dog teeth in a not-grinning expression.]

Image Descriptions: Dudz the Greyhound sprawled out in various hilarious poses, with long legs all akimbo, except for the final image, in which he is curled up in a tight little ball inside the cat bed. This would be why greyhounds are known as the 45-mile-per-hour couch potatoes. Aside from one big burst of energy each day, Dudley is the laziest being on the planet, who requires about five minutes of yawning and stretching just to wake himself up to go out for a walk.

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