Still. No. Visas.

Yet another quick update: The Iroquois Nationals lacrosse team has still not left the United States for the 2010 World Lacrosse Championships in Manchester. They have already missed their first match. At the moment, the hold up appears to be that the UK refuses to issue visas to holders of Haudenosaunee passports. The Syracuse Post-Standard reports that my U.S. Representative was just on BBC Radio asking British nationals to pressure their government to reverse its position. I'm still not sure what the status is of players and staff who were born north of the U.S./Canada border (last I heard, the U.S. said it would not allow "Canadian born" Haudenosaunee nationals back into the U.S. absent negotiations with Ottawa).

I don't have the time to give much analysis, but I'm sobered by the realization that the outpouring of well-wishes 1) has not appeared to be enough to allow these folks to travel to a sporting event, and 2) might not have occurred at all were this not a large party traveling to play a popular sport at a major tournament in the Global North.

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