The President Calls Shirley Sherrod

Getting it right the first time would have been preferable:
President Obama on Thursday urged Shirley Sherrod, the black Agriculture Department official whose firing and subsequent offer of rehiring this week renewed a conversation about politics and race, to continue "her hard work on behalf of those in need," the White House said.
You know, I am probably not the most objective person to be writing about a prominent politician who begs someone to come back after shitcanning them in a kneejerk reaction to drummed-up charges by a mendacious rightwing mudslinger and frames it as the shitcanned person's duty to come back and keep working hard toward the just causes zie believes in more than the prominent politician evidently does, ahem, but, man, that really chaps my ass.

I hate the implicit suggestion that it's her obligation to accept her position back and get back to "work on behalf of those in need," and the implicit criticism that she's somehow letting those people down if she doesn't come back. Especially because Obama doesn't give a fuck about the hard work she was doing for those people, except in some abstract way; if he had, she wouldn't have been shitcanned in the first place. But he's consistently set a policy of politics over principle, which is why the axiomatic reaction to Breitbart's edited video was to get rid of her.

And now she's supposed to come back for "those in need"? Bullshit. She's supposed to come back to make him not look a total ass. And he doesn't even have the decency to not try to exploit her authentic compassion and activism in order to try to publicly guilt her back to fix his people's fuck-up.

My advice to Sherrod, not that she's asking, is to tell them to shove it, because she'll probably have to quit that shit after three days back anyway. Ahem.

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