I Guess I Didn't Get the Memo

...that bashing Indians is now not only acceptable but THE BEST! humor for mainstream publication (or broadcast).

Seriously, Time? This is pathetic. Everyone knows (or should know) by now that Joel Stein is a useless jerk whose useless jerkitude is evident in every syllable of the hackneyed humor that doesn't even begin to convincingly obscure his childish biases.

You know, I just love how the media is positively insistent on airing "both sides" of every issue when the issue is marginalized people asserting their rights or demanding their rightful equality.

But some dipshit with Z-list name recognition wants to write a "satirical" column that's nothing but a string of stereotypes and a lament about how [insert a group of marginalized people here] are ruining [the country, a cultural institution, some dying tradition that privileged white dudes hold dear, and/or the town in which some useless jerk grew up], and suddenly there's not a voice from "the other side" to be heard for a thousand miles.

In the interest of fairness and balance, I suggest Time contract Irrfan Khan to write a piece about why Joel Stein is a jerk.

[H/T to Shaker RedSonja.]

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