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[Trigger warning for domestic violence and homophobia.]

So, there's this article in the New York Times about federal prosecutors being given the ability to use interstate stalking and domestic violence provisions in the Violence Against Women Act in cases involving same-sex couples. Boo that it's necessary, but yay for the tools to legally address such issues using a successful model.

Brian Moulton, the chief legislative counsel of the Human Rights Campaign, is quoted in the article noting: "It's a step towards equality and recognizing that our relationships exist and are subject to the same sorts of issues that face other committed couples. Unfortunately, sometimes that is domestic violence and other issues that need to be dealt with through the criminal justice system."

And because that CONTROVERSIAL STATEMENT from a purveyor of the RADICAL GAY AGENDA couldn't go uncontested, couldn't possibly be allowed to stand on its own as if same-sex couples' rights are the business of same-sex couples and their advocates, we get this charming paragraph toward the end of the story where "the Other Side has its say" quote usually resides:
Several social conservative commentators who have opposed same-sex marriage rights did not respond to requests for comment.
First of all, LOL at the idea of the fucknecks at the American Family Values Children Christian Liberty Freedom Patriot Association Foundation Organization scrambling to try to come up with a response: "Well, we hate gay people—but we can't actually come right out and say we support domestic violence, right? Crap, this is a tough one!"

Secondly, fuck off, New York Times, with your stupid reflexive need to include a comment from hatemongers in every goddamn article about social justice. We get it. We know there are bigots out there who believe that same-sex couples shouldn't ever ever ever be given any rights or legal protections lest same-sex relationships be legitimized and society crumble and the Baby Jesus cry tears shaped like dildos or whatever.

Providing some bullshit quote from ideological dinosaurs doesn't serve to provide new information; it doesn't create parity; and it sure as shit doesn't approximate objectivity—because, objectively, these people are assholes with a rationale that isn't even legally viable under our Constitution.

"God says so" isn't merely childish and aggravating; it's totally subjective. See, there are also religious people in this country who believe that denying equality is immoral, but being gay isn't. That's the whole conundrum of invoking God as the singular rationale for or against public policy—God says lots of different things to lots of different people, and all of them think that they're right.

Opponents of LGB equality don't have any facts on their side; their every claim (same-sex marriage will destroy America! / will undermine the sanctity of marriage! / will be bad for children! / will require churches to perform gay marriage ceremonies! / will cause hurricanes! / will make the earth spin off its axis!) is demonstrably false.

Stop treating them like they've got anything to add to a public conversation besides irrational hatred dressed up unconvincingly as principled opposition.

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