An Irregular Series on Depression?

Edit: Please read the comment thread before commenting yourself. For some very good reasons, with which I agree completely, this series won't be running here. I posted before thinking things through entirely.


Hey, Shakers - I've been working, on and off, on a post (well, posts) I'm finding really hard to write, for reasons that are part of what I'm writing about, actually. It's no secret here that I struggle with depression on a chronic basis, with it having a notable and serious impact on my life.

I'm wondering if there'd be interest here in my writing an occasional/irregular (sorta like everything else I do, I guess - another of its insidious effects) series on how depression interacts with my life, how I fight it without meds, that kind of thing?

One of the effects of the thing is that it's not always easy to judge one's actions or intents, thus the question. My thinking on the post/series is that in addition to talking about things that come to me, I'll invite questions from you, and answer them to the best of my ability/knowledge. I'm only an expert in that I've been living with it my whole life; it runs in my family, as my sister and mother have, as I have, been hospitalized for it at one time or another, and I'm sure if such things had been done at all in the UK of the mid-20th or earlier, more of my relatives, particularly the women, would have been treated for it. I certainly claim no special ability to cure it - all I know is how I live with it.

Given that this can be an extremely private and shameful-feeling thing for some folk, I would like to specifically invite people who wish to comment personally, or to ask questions they wouldn't like to ask in public, to write me e-mails, whose contents and originators I can protect/obscure while answering.

So? Does this sound like something people would want to read?

I should add one thing: while I deeply appreciate the thoughtful impulse of people suggesting things which have worked for them, I'm not actively seeking advice on how to live with depression. I will probably make a post in the series asking for people to lay out any suggestions they have found effective for them, to offer affected readers as wide a range of options they can look into, but there's not really anything I've not already tried at some point in the 28 years since my first diagnosis. Thanks for understanding. :)

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