For Some Reason There's A New Smurfs Movie Coming Out

Paraphrased recap of video:
Star NPH says "Here's a Smurfy trailer." Cut to: Standard helicopter shot of waves crashing on beach. Cut to: The Sphinx. VO/On screen text "Prepare yourself." Whooshing sound as Sphinx turns blue. Cut to: Eiffel Tower. VO/OST: "For Something Big." Whooshing sound as Eiffel Tower turns blue. Cut to: Mt. Rushmore. VO/OST: "For Something Magical." Whooshing sound as Abe Lincoln turns blue. Cut to: Google maps zoom in on east coast of US. VO/OST: "Next Summer." Cut to: Times Square. VO: "Our World Is About To Get." Big blue graphic of the word "Smurf'd" falls from from the sky and lands in Times Square. A combination of the earworming Smurfs theme and Ton Loc's "Wild Thing" starts to play. Three confused Smurfs pop up in the foreground then quickly duck out of sight. OST: "In 3D." Cut to: Three Smurfs dangling off taxi cab advertisement for movie website.

Also, Smurfs Theme + Wild Thing = I've died and gone to Hell.


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