This is a great idea.

[Trigger warning for sexual exploitation.]

Sexual harasser and alleged rapist Joe Francis, convicted of child abuse and prostitution and accused of much more throughout his career of building the "Girls Gone Wild" exploitation video franchise, has been given his own un-rated, 12-part, half-hour reality series, "Search for the Hottest Girl in America," which has been given the greenlight to air with uncensored nudity.
The controversial franchise will feature complete nudity on a station many viewers get with basic cable.

…["Search for the Hottest Girl in America"] will air in the 1 a.m ET/10 p.m. PT slot on Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban's HDNet channel. The independent network is generally included automatically in HD packages with leading providers such as Comcast, DirecTV, Dish Network and Verizon. In fact, it's not even a pay-to-order station like HBO or Showtime.

…Francis argues that the reality show is suited to a "“mature audience" – although an edited version will also be made available for a "run on all stations" and will be acceptable for all time periods and all viewers.

"The show is by no means anything harder than anything that's been on HBO. Cuban has brilliantly designed this programming block, what he's done is taken HBO's whole niche and made it for free. You get HDNet as part of your basic cable package," Francis told us. "'Girls Gone Wild' has been demonized for all these years, it's been made out to be controversial when in fact HBO has ten times the harder core stuff and Cinemax is what we call 'Skin'emax. Mark (Cuban) is genius and taken it into the free market."
Neither HBO nor Cinemax have, to my recollection, been sued by women who allege they were coerced into appearing nude or their nude images were used without their permission.

I've nothing to say about the loathsome Francis that I haven't said before. He is the WORST.

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