Great News from the S.S. Sarcasm

This sounds GREAT:
After years of trying, New Line is close to making the workplace murder comedy "Horrible Bosses."

…"Bosses" centers on three best friends who, frustrated by their jobs, come to the conclusion the only solution is to kill one another's bosses.

[Jason Bateman] is a man who believes that his hard work will be rewarded but hits bottom when he gets passed over for a promotion. [Charlie Day] plays a hapless guy who's always in the wrong place at the wrong time. A part still to be cast is a ladies' man who gets a rude awakening when his boss dies and he is replaced.

…New Line is in the process of attracting A-list names for the roles of the bosses, including a master manipulator, a sexually aggressive dentist and a weaselly scion. … Part of the movie's go status hinged on getting big names as the bosses, and New Line is locking those in place, with [Jennifer Aniston] to play the aggressive dentist who is hitting on Day, and [Colin Farrell] as the weasel.
I mean: WTF, Hollywood? Seriously. WHAT. THE. FUCK.

You know, if you've so thoroughly mined the lives of Highly Privileged White Men that the best plot for a comedy film you've got is "a ragtag group of Highly Privileged White Men PLOT TO MURDER THEIR BOSSES," as though workplace violence (particularly committed by entitled, aggrieved, disgruntled white men) is such an extraordinary absurdity that it's totes appropriate for a punchline, maybe that should be a clue that it's time to investigate the lives of people OTHER THAN Highly Privileged White Men.

Or, you know, just option a remake of Turner & Hooch. Whatever.

By the way, I love how it's the female boss who's the sexually aggressive one. OF COURSE.

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