Shaker Help Request

A Shaker who wants to remain anonymous emails:
I want to ask Shakesville its opinion on something that's just happened to me: I need a reality check, please and thank you. I'm job hunting. I got an email yesterday while I was out at a networking event asking for a phone interview. I responded this morning saying that I'd be happy to chat and asking about scheduling. The contact replied with how about now and I said that today's not good how about Tuesday. The contact then came back with something along the lines of "No, you're not going to go about your work with a sense of urgency so I withdraw the request for an interview." Am I right that I've totally just dodged a bullet?
My thought: Absolutely so. That is the response of someone who doesn't know how to communicate at all, and good communication, which includes listening, is a requisite quality in someone with whom you want to work on a project as important as finding a job. Assuming that you've got no sense of urgency, as opposed to a scheduling conflict due to job hunting (e.g. an interview) or as opposed to a family emergency or as opposed to a medical issue or any one of a million other possibilities, is evidence of someone who won't listen to you or your needs.

If zie'd even just asked you to confirm you are approaching job hunting with urgency, that would be fair enough. But assuming you're not strikes me as a way of essentially communicating zie doesn't have the time and/or inclination to work with you. I'd take that message and move on.

What do you think, Shakers?

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