Responsible Adults

Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA) offered the Republican response to President Obama's weekly address and, per Steve Benen, informed America that if we elect Republicans in November, they would offer "responsible, adult leadership."

And ponies. Everyone will get a pony.

Since the election of Barack Obama, we have seen responsible adults offer us death panels, Armageddon, outbursts on the floor of the House during a presidential address, egging on protesters from the floor of the House, a promise by a Senator to "break" the president, expressions of hope that the president would fail, threats of filibusters of Supreme Court nominees before their names have been submitted to the Senate, tantrums of legendary dimensions, blockage of a bill to extend unemployment benefits because it was cutting into watching a basketball game, and deliberate misinterpretation of a bill in order to claim that it contains the exact opposite of what is written. The list goes on and on; feel free to add your own. Meanwhile, can you name any legislative proposals such as economic recovery, healthcare, immigration reform, or anything else that was proposed by the Obama administration that didn't get instant GOP opposition based solely on its origin rather than its merit? And can you name any GOP legislative proposals, such as their 2009 budget proposal without any numbers in it, that passed the laugh test?

So these are the responsible adults they're promising, huh? I can't wait.


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