Huh, Part the Wev

Well, it's been a whole month since the last "We Expected Hillary Rodham Clinton to Be a Wild Psycho-Bitch But It Turns Out She's Kinda Awesome" Story, so we were overdue for another one.

Unlike the WaPo, which couldn't discern the "unifying vision" of Clinton's leadership, the Independent notes:
She may be a diplomat now, but remains a politician too – a very accomplished one. Unlike her predecessors, with the possible exception of Powell, Hillary has a global name recognition that enables her to speak not just to her peers in the chancelleries, but the population at large.

In fact an informal "Clinton Doctrine" is discernable. She is the ideal exponent of "smart power", of the US leading by the example of what is most attractive about that country, not because of its military might. The fight against poverty, the struggle for human rights and in particular women's rights, are Hillary issues. Her fame and gender put her in an extraordinarily strong position to promote these issues, which may prove her most enduring legacy.
Which is not to say the article is without its groan-inducing flaws. My favorite:
She performed with her customary authority and command of the facts, as well as the sense of humour, often overlooked, that is another of her trademarks.
Yeah. "Often overlooked." By the same media outlets now each publishing their version of the same story which details how SURPRISINGLY not the devil Hillary Clinton is.

It's almost like they overlooked a lot of stuff or something.

[H/T to Shaker GayAsXmas.]

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