A Grumbles Extolment!

The finest book for young-men and boys alike since Struwwelpeter is at long last alighting upon Book-store shelves, after too long in dormancy! Yes, I am speaking of Exercises for Gentlemen: 50 Exercises to Do With Your Suit On (Orig. Pub. Date 1908) by my good friend, the sterling and upright Alfred B. Olsen (MD). As you are doubtless aware, Alfie is superintendent of the Surrey Hills Hydropathic Sanitarium, the superior establishment for procuring a milk-and-egg colonic purge or, as my ship's yeoman Bruce is keen on, a relaxing afternoon in the baths, in the company of other physique-minded chums.

As Alfie's masculine words remind us, "as a general rule, flabby muscles may be taken to denote a general mental, if not moral, flabbiness." All the wondrous exercises in these pages can be performed in the comfort of one's parlor, or even the cramped confines of one's Airship. All without the need to disrobe! That last tiddly-bit has not penetrated the wavy tufts haloing Bruce's skull, as I repeatedly find him lounging about the dormitory sans undergarments.

As one-time Head Detector of Potions, Elixirs, and Poisons for the US Government and Its Occupied Territories it is with great assurance you can accept my mustache-bristling endorsement of Alfred B. "Alfie" Olsen (MD)'s book. Send the houseboy out for your copy today!

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