At Last

Know what's better than a three-ring circus...? A three-ring circus with TWO ringleaders! Especially two incendiary, mendacious, opportunistic, authoritarian, kyriarchy-enforcing lady ringleaders who are also TOTES HOT!
Two of the country's most popular Republicans, Rep. Michele Bachmann (Minn.) and former Alaska governor Sarah Palin, teamed up Wednesday for a rollicking campaign rally that targeted President Obama as weak on national security and doomed to a single term.

...Several thousand people showed up to see Bachmann and Palin, both famous for their fiery populism and ability to rile opponents. Darlings of "tea party" conservatives, the women were appearing together for the first time, and they welcomed the crowd's embrace. Palin headlined a fundraiser for Bachmann later in the day.

The rally was a lively assault on Democrats in Congress and the White House. The emcee, talk radio host Chris Baker, drew cheers and laughter when he said the party in power in Washington is a "lying, thieving ... bunch of commies."

...[Bachmann] reminded another audience recently of her 2008 comment that Obama might have "anti-American views," declaring, "I said I had very serious concerns that Barack Obama had anti-American views, and now I look like Nostradamus."

...Many in the audience wore buttons with side-by-side images of Palin and Bachmann. One man's a sweatshirt had an image of Mount Rushmore and the words "Right Wing Extremist: Guess I'm in Good Company."

Betty Soban, an admiring constituent of Bachmann's, said: "My family left Germany because of Hitler and socialized medicine. I see it happening here." Important to her, she said, are "freedom of ownership. Freedom of our guns. Freedom of having babies."
By which, of course, she means the freedom to force other women to have babies.

That sounds like a real fun event. It's too bad I couldn't be there, but I was busy advocating for the equality of all women, from which Palin and Bachmann benefit even as they trade on being rightwing tokens who demean the very activism that has afforded them the public platform on which they bask in the luxury of their disdain.

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