In Other Things That Are Women's Fault, Too

Earlier, I wrote about women getting blamed for men's sexual, and sexually violent, behavior; relatedly, there is a new study (yay, science!) which claims that women (but only beautiful ones) are responsible for men hurting themselves:
Research shows that just looking at an attractive female makes [men] more likely to indulge in 'physical risk-taking' which results in embarrassing failure or even injury.

The change in behaviour is triggered by a surge in the male hormone testosterone which makes men 'throw caution to the wind', according to psychologists at the University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia.

They made the finding after a studying young male skateboarders. ... Saliva tests confirmed they had 'elevated testosterone levels' while a good-looking woman was around.

Professor Bill von Hippel, who led the study, said there was an evolutionary reason for the behaviour, explaining it was a 'sexual display strategy' aimed at impressing a potential mate.
Oh, evo psych. How I do adore thee—and your simple belief that everything we do can be traced along a single, inerrant, heterocentrist, gender-normative line back to our genitals.

What I like about the juxtaposition of these two stories is that the first blames women for men hurting women, and the second blames women for men hurting themselves. And of course women are responsible for any hurt they cause themselves or others. Which I'm pretty sure means that women are responsible for all the pain in the entire world.

"That's what we've been trying to tell you for years!" said every MRA on the planet when reached for comment.

[H/T to Katy.]

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