Texting! With Liss and Deeky!

Last night, starting at 9:16pm Central Standard Time.

Deeky: I'm watching Cops. Who the fuck goes on a drug buy on a bicycle?

Liss: Someone who takes drug procurement advice from an 8-year old?


Liss: We're watching Man v Wild. Iain just said, "I like Bear's jacket. This show's like a fashion show for me."

Deeky: LOL! Is it the urban apocalypse episode?

Liss: Uh huh.

Deeky: Did he suggest any tips for fighting zombies?

Liss: No, although that would obviously be more useful than how to shimmy down elevator cables. Christ.

Deeky: You know how to avoid shimmying down elevator cables? Don't fucking go upstairs to begin with!

Liss: Seriously. 99% of each episode, I'm all, "That's terrible, terrible advice" or "Yeah, my fat ass could totes replicate these Survival Tips for the Ridiculously Fit."

Deeky: LOL! You're zombie chow, sister!

Liss: Enjoy my succulent breasteses, zombies!



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