Multi-language Feminist Links?

I think I may have mentioned once or twice that I'm a translator by vocation (and to an extent by avocation too), specifically of French, German and Russian (I also read some Spanish and Japanese, but not well enough to work in them).

One of the ways I keep my skills up is to read every day in my languages, various news sources online: Le Monde, Suddeutsche Zeitung,, and El Pais are on my daily list.

It occurred to me today, while reading yet another kyriarchal paean from one of them, that it'd be really interesting to hook into communities of feminists speaking languages other than English. Quickest way to accomplish something like that, I figure, is ask a Shaker.

So this is me asking: You Shakers who speak/read languages other than English: what's your favourite $LANG_ADJ feminist site? What fauxgressive $LANG_ADJ sites should be avoided, in your opinion? Leave your links below.

And please don't worry, those who come here to post from off-site feminist places whose native language isn't English: since I'm proposing to unleash a small horde of second-language learners on your sites, please don't fear that your (if it is!) imperfect English will be unwelcome here. If you need or want to post in a non-English language, let us worry about finding a translator - I'm explicitly inviting comments in not-English.

What's "teaspoon" in Arabic, anyway? Anyone know? :)

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