Vloggin' with Blogginz, Episode 11

[Episodes One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten.]

A poem. An ode. A tribute. With dancing.

[Also available at Daily Motion. Full transcript below.]
Title Card: Vloggin' with Blogginz

KBlogz: Hey, all you Shakers out there on the internet! It's me, Kenny Blogginz, again—and boy, do I have a heck of a poem to read to you guys! Uh, you know, everyone knows I'm a huge Whitney Houston fan—

[cut to scene of KBlogz dancing to "I Wanna Dance With Somebody"]

KBlogz: —I wrote a poem that was inspired by her 1986 smash hit single, "The Greatest Love of All."

[cut to shot of the cover of "The Greatest Love of All" single]

KBlogz: So sit back and enjoy this poem, you guys! [looks down; begins reading from paper]

I believe the children are the future
Flying around with tiny jetpacks
Wearing their futuristic hover slacks
And eating their freeze-dried fruit snacks.

They shake hands with the alien explorers
Because their minds are free of prejudice.
The children of the future will wear
No-nonsense, durable, and inexpensive jumpsuits.
Schools and playgrounds will be the same
Except that they hover two feet off the ground!

I believe the children are the future
Minimum wage will be eighty million dollars.
Adjusted for inflation, however, it's not very much.
[makes face at camera and shakes head]

I believe the children are the future
They will get jobs as laser repairmen
But they won't get jobs as jet pack salesmen
Because jetpacks sell themselves.

Yeah. Thank you.

[cut to image of KBlogz flying around with a jetpack saying "Gleep glorp!"; text on the image reads: "The future is…now??!!"]

[cut to video of KBlogz grooving to "Greatest Love of All"; he mouths some of the lyrics, then sings along out loud with Whitney on "dignity!" clenching his fists]

Title Card: The End!!!

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