New Thing: Shakesfilk!

There's this thing called filk*, see. Started some long time ago, and I know there are enough fen** hereabouts that there might be some amusement if I were to irregularly post things that amuse me, and which I have written. Irregularly, because as you may have noticed, I'm not especially good at "every $TIME_PERIOD" things. I try, but life interferes, or depression does, and then it doesn't happen.

Besides, Liss said I could, so yahboo, sucks to you. :P

The idea is to take a known song, and shift the lyrics til they say what I want them to say. I don't call this parody, because I'm not doing it to parody the original song, far from it: I tend to use songs I enjoy, in fact, often the Smiths, even (someday I'll finish No Rush And No Bush, I hope!). My hope, when I can get it just right, is to do a lyric set which maintains the spirit and emotion of the original, but puts them in a new light, or applies them to a new topic.

I'll start off today with a short one, this from last April:

Somewhere Absent of Rainbows

Somewhere, absent of rainbows, no one's gay
And so hetero marriage stays absolutely safe.

Somewhere, absent of rainbows, states aren't blue
And the dreams of evangelists really do come true.

Someday I'll pray so very hard and wake up where the values are just fine, see?
Where gays will marry girly girls
And dykes please men with curly curls
That's where you'll find me.

Somewhere, absent of rainbows, guys stay guys.
Trans folk stay where they were born
Or even better, die.

If hetero people safely wed
Somewhere that all the gays are dead
Why then oh why can't I?

Copyright 2009, CaitieCat.

* Filk.

** Fen.

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