The Lost-a-Thon Continues: Check Dis Shit Out

Hey, Shakers, it's Kenny Blogginz! Even NEWBORN BABIES know that I'm a huge LOST fan! (Thanks, Liss!) Anyway, I thought my fellow Lost-ites would appreciate this easter egg that Cory Doctorow* just shared with me (we're totally BFFs):

"For LOST fans: Search for Sydney to LAX one-way non-stop on 9/22/2010."

[It is the information for a flight leaving Sydney at 2:55pm and arriving in Los Angeles at 8:03am, at a cost of $4839, on Oceanic Airlines.]


* Actually BoingBoing guestblogger Jessamyn West. I just like using every opportunity I can to claim that Cory Doctorow and I are BFFs.

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