No way:
President Obama signaled on Wednesday that he might be willing to scale back his proposed health care overhaul to a version that could attract bipartisan support, as the White House and Congressional Democrats grappled with a political landscape transformed by the Republican victory in the Massachusetts Senate race.

"I would advise that we try to move quickly to coalesce around those elements of the package that people agree on," Mr. Obama said in an interview on ABC News, notably leaving near-universal insurance coverage off his list of core goals.
Someone get me Olympia Snowe's head on the spacephone, stat!!!


You know, I never thought the Democrats' pusillanimous, craven, pathetic spinelessness could reach a profundity still capable of surprising me, but throwing in the towel on their (admittedly disappointing) healthcare reform bill because they lost one goddamn special election is quite genuinely gobsmacking.

While Obama blathers on about sacrificing yet more at the glorious altar of bipartisanship, Pelosi has announced she now lacks the votes to pass the Senate bill, but hopes she might in the future.

So, the House needs the bill to be more progressive for it to pass, but the President is talking about making it more appealing to Republicans. Lordy begordy.

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