Update to Amy Goodman vs. CBSA

From SpaceCowboy, I got a link to an update to this story, which I posted here at the weekend.
AMY GOODMAN: Yeah, this was, to say the least, extremely jarring. I felt completely violated, I mea, personally and professionally. You know, and for journalism overall. Because this is not only a violation of freedom of the press, you know, the idea that, you know, the state is going into your papers, your documents, your sources, everything—but also a violation of the public’s right to know. Because if journalists feel there are things they can’t report on, that they’ll be detained, that they’ll be arrested, or they’ll be questioned, they’ll be interrogated; this is a threat to the free flow of information. And that’s the public’s loss, that’s democracy’s loss.
Democracy's loss indeed. Full transcript, as well as the video itself, can be found here at Crooks and Liars.

I would urge Canadians to write to your MPs about this, and tell them you want to know why the CBSA is detaining and searching journalists, in blatant disregard of the Canadian Charter of Rights. Remember that snail-mail to an MP within Canada is postage-free.

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