Thanks for the Hot Tips

More helpful NOOZ from CNN: 13 signs your relationship is doomed.

Like pretty much every other "relationship advice" piece in a mainstream news outlet, this should come with the disclaimer: "As this content is heavily reliant on tired gender stereotypes, may not be applicable for same-sex couples. Polys need not apply."

I never fail to be amazed how much (straight) "relationship advice" simultaneously encourages (straight) couples to conceal from each other as much evidence as possible of their humanity—don't piss/shit/fart/burp/scratch/sneeze/breathe in front of your partner!—and individuality—zomg don't let hir know you like that dumbass hobby!—while discouraging independence and time apart—jesusmaryandjoseph whatever you do don't take separate vacations! AIEEEEEEEE!

I almost can't think of worse advice for a healthy relationship than "Spend every available waking moment together hiding who you really are."

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