Tears in a Bucket: Roves Say Fuck It

Karl Rove, the great and powerful Oz of modern American conservatism, Bush Svengali and master political manipulator, maestro of orchestrating diversionary fights over social wedge issues while shoveling massive corporate hand-outs to military-industrial-corporate-Big Energy-Big Pharma-Big Agriculture leviathans, architect of the GOP get-out-the-vote strategy centered around fights over same-sex marriage on the state and federal levels, has taken a giant dump on the sanctity of marriage by getting divorced.

Congrats on your privileged freedom to exercise marriage rights, Turd Blossom!

[Fun Fact: Karl Rove's adoptive father Louie Rove, who died about 10 years ago, was (link NSFW-ish) a big queer piercing enthusiast and one of Piercing Fans International Quarterly's best-known cover models. He undoubtedly would have fit right in at Shakesville!]

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