SYTYCD Open Thread

I almost forgot the open thread...!

Last night was a great show, the best in awhile IMO. But even on an exceptional night, the best performance of the night was easy to choose: Kathryn's and Ryan's cha-cha was just amazing.

The standing ovation they received was well-deserved.

(Btw, I hope someone took Cat aside after the show and explained to her that casually using "lynched" on American television is hugely inappropriate.)

At this point, I'm going to be very disappointed if Ryan, who I didn't even like at the beginning of the season, doesn't make it to the final. Rarely has someone changed my mind so completely as he has over the course of a show like this, but I really like him now, as a person and a dancer.

Still: It was all about Kathryn last night at Shakes Manor. Iain called to give her a vote, and got straight through (whereas I got a busy signal for Ashleigh), so we went into full fan-mode and dialed wildly for Kathryn for about the next half hour, as did KBlogz who was over to watch the show with us. (I can't believe we were actually voting, lol, but there you go. If she gets voted off, it won't be because we didn't try!)

It breaks my heart to say it, because Ellenore's been my favorite since the beginning, but I think she and Legacy (who I also like) had the weakest night last night (of the people who danced), because of that crappy Nappy-Tabs routine.

I wouldn't actively send anyone home at this point. I like everyone who's left (although, if I'm honest, I still find Mollee a little cloying; not her fault, though).

What did you think?

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