Question of the Day

Suggested by Shaker nia_74656: What activity never fails to cheer you up?

(Activity should be interpreted in the most general sense; it doesn't necessarily mean something that involves an active body, of course.)

This is one of the silliest things in the world, but something that Iain and I both love to do is wander aimlessly around dollar stores. One of our favorites is Big Lots (it used to be "Odd Lots" on the East Coast, and may be still). I come by it naturally: My grandfather loved cruising around dollar stores (or five-and-dimes, then), and his daughter, my mother, loves it, and so do I.

Iain and I can kill hours wandering around Big Lots, looking at junk, making jokes about the random crap we find, getting all excited about finding the rare gems (two weekends ago, I bought two $2 organizers that turned my bathroom counter into the picture of organization; not bad for four wacky bucks!), and expressing surprise at finding all the things we didn't even know we needed but TOTES DO! Iain found a $5 "weather center" there once, jizzed in his pants, and has provided me with constant weather updates ever since.

Most of the time, we don't even buy anything. We just love moseying around idly, chatting away and laughing. It's a no-fail cheer-up.

Whenever one of us is restless and grumpy and being a pain in the ass, or when both of us are bored and driving each other trucknutz for lack of anything more productive to do, a suggestion that we "go to Big Lots" is never long in coming.

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