Further to Irish Women's Access to Abortion

As mudkicker put it in yesterday's thread (about the brave trio of women in the Irish Republic who are bringing a lawsuit to try and force change on the abortion front there), despite being a part of the UK (which has decent access to abortion, if not ideal), women in Northern Ireland don't have access to abortion the way their English and Scots and Welsh compatriots do.

Quoting mudkicker:
For anyone interested in a take on the NI situation (not *at all* meant to detract from the similiar situation in the Republic; just that I live in NI so that's where I've been doing my campaigning), I wrote a piece for the Guardian's CiF on it last year, after all four of the main parties here agreed on something for the first time ever - continuing to limit a woman's right to choose.
It's not a new piece, but I think it's good for we in North America, with our sadly insular MSM, to hear about how the struggle is going for some of our sisters abroad. I'm not sure how bad the MSM are in the various other places that Shakers seem to be, as far as insularity goes, but I'd bet it's not a bundle of global village joy either.

Anyone with links to ways people outside Northern Ireland can help with that struggle, please consider leaving them in the comments.

ETA: A Shaker who can't comment here e-mailed me to let me know that there is a petition online about NI women's access to abortion.

There's a post on the topic here, and the petition itself (which can only be signed by British subjects) here.

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