Feelin' the Homomentum

The Guardian's Comment is Free is doing a series this week, asking its contributors what they changed their minds about over the last decade—something that's gotten better than they'd hoped, something that's gotten worse than they'd feared, etc. My piece (which has a rather misleading subhead; I didn't suddenly, spontaneously, change my view last week, but wevs) discusses my being simultaneously pleasantly surprised by how far same-sex marriage has come over the last decade in some places, and disappointed by how very far away marriage equality is in others:
[I]t's in that cavernous disparity – that there are places in which the queer community and its allies are fighting mightily for basic survival, while other places are celebrating hard-won marriage equality with beautiful, dramatic kisses against a backdrop of rainbow flags – that I find my wonderment at how far marriage equality has come in the last decade in so many places and how far it hasn't in others.

In my blog Shakesville, we have a series called Feel the homomentum, celebrating each incremental success, anywhere in the world we find it. I believe quite firmly that in the slow and steady march toward equality, time is on our side and progress is inevitable. I believe quite firmly that the people who still make life unnecessarily difficult for gay men and lesbians are dinosaurs, and one day they will be extinct – and we will collect their bones and put them in a museum and tell our grandchildren about the pea-brained leviathans who once thought the gay community didn't deserve equality, and those children will laugh and shake their heads incredulously at such senseless bigotry. Not that there's any other kind.
Read the whole thing here.

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