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As everyone knows, I love wizards and I expect to one day be the world's most powerful wizard myself. So you can imagine my delight upon stumbling across this gem. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.
The camera is focused on a hand-drawn image of a wizard. Enrique Iglesias' "Would You Dance if I Asked You to Dance" plays in the background. A male voice offscreen sings along: Would you dance / if I asked you to dance? Would you run [the image morphs, and part of the wizard's robe has been colored in] and never look back? [the image morphs again; more is colored in] Would you cry / if you saw me crying? [more morphing; more color] And would you save my soul tonight? [morph] Would you tremble / if I touched your lips? [morph; the painting is now complete, signature and all] Would you laugh? / Oh, please tell me this / Would you die / for the one you love? [Text onscreen: "A Ricky Tic Production" with sorta-smiley face] Hold me in your arms tonight.
Thanks to Liss for doing the transcript.

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