Yeah, This Is Appropriate

[Trigger warning.]

Request Is Made to Bring TV Cameras Into Polanski Hearing:
As a rule, oral arguments before a state court of appeals would not make for scintillating television. But a hearing in the Roman Polanski case, set for Dec. 10 in the California Court of Appeal for the Second District in Los Angeles might be an exception. The court this week notified lawyers in the case that it has received a request to permit television coverage of the hearing, and expects to receive others, based on informal queries.

The matter has yet to be decided, and the lawyers will be allowed voice their opinions on the pros and cons. If the news cameras are allowed, they will give those lawyers an unusual opportunity to speak past the appeals court — which is hearing issues related to claims that the 32-year-old sex case against Mr. Polanski was tainted by misconduct — to officials in Zurich, where Mr. Polanski is being held, pending possible extradition to the United States.
I'm really curious about who's made the request the televise the hearing. Almost certainly, it will have been someone from a camp that has vociferously claimed to be concerned about both the victim and justice, neither of which will be better served by broadcasting the proceedings.

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