SNL Is Totes Edgy, Bitchez!

[Trigger warning.]

Above is the opening segment from this weekend's Saturday Night Live. I'm not going to do a transcript, because the content can be easily summarized as: A sketch set at a joint press conference with the not-black Fred Armisen (still) playing President Barack Obama in blackface, and the not-Asian Will Forte playing Chinese President Hu Jintao not in yellowface but speaking ching-chong Chinese with the Iranian Nasim Pedrad playing his translator, also not in yellowface but speaking with a terrible Chinese accent.

The appalling racism would have been bad enough, except that the fictitious press conference casts President Hu Jintao in the role of an aggravated lender who doesn't like how his money is being spent, which eventually turns into a protracted rape joke starting at about 3:40 when the translator says that the Chinese president has asked: "Will you kiss me?" and explains the question to the perplexed American president with: "I like to be kissed when SOMEONE IS DOING SEX TO ME!"

For the rest of the sketch, Forte offers up his ass to Armisen in increasingly "hilarious" overtures.

We watched this travesty live at Shakes Manor, jaws dropped, blinking at each other in disbelief and snort-laughing incredulously. Said I: "Well. I guess I know what I'll be blogging about Monday."

[Thanks to the Angry Asian Man for the video.]

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