Random YouTubery: Creed Shreds

[The clip is a Creed video with the audio stripped out and replaced by deliberately terrible guitar playing, awful drumming, and a redonkulously hilarious Scott Stapp impression consisting of nothing but "Yeeeah!" and "Yasseah!".]

One of the many things I do that drives Iain totally trucknutz is sing my half of a conversation in a Scott Stapp voice. "Would ye like tae go out tae dinner wif me tonight?" "Yeeeah!" "Dae ye wanny go tae [insert restaurant here]?" "Yeeeah!" "Stoop singing everyfing in yer fooking Creed voice!" LOL.

In Things Everyone Should Totes Do Before They Die: Play Rock Band with Kenny Blogginz. He can sing anything as Scott Stapp. You just really haven't lived until you've heard KBlogz's Stappified rendition of a Mastodon track.

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