FP/Foreign Policy: Iraq's New Surge: Gay Killings

I'm having trouble formulating sentences coherent enough to adequately express my rage and sorrow that something like this is happening.

edited to add the following:

In my haste to post, I forgot to make this observation regarding the tone:
Militias now targetting the socially marginalized could soon take their killing spree mainstream.
but compare that warning from the sub-headline with this, from later in the piece:
Indeed, since 2003, the Mahdi Army and other militias have targeted women, murdering hundreds if not thousands for working outside the home, for wearing makeup or pants, or just for walking on the streets unveiled. More recently, as attacks on gay men have grown more pronounced, Iraq's media and its mosques have taken up the theme that Iraqi masculinity is under threat.
Yet we're warned that the killings could soon go mainstream. (I guess the queers and women already victimized didn't really count.) Very poor choice to use future conditional tense, there. Beyond appalling.

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