Quote of the Day

"Hello! Uh, my name is Diana and I'm calling from Oregon. Uh, I just wanted to let the SEIU know that, um, America is watching the thug tactics that you folks are using at healthcare meetings and various other public places, and the absolutely thuggish, violent tactics that your group is using. I suggest you tell your people to calm down, act like American citizens, and stop trying to repress people's First Amendment rights. That, or you all are gonna come up against the Second Amendment. Stop the violence!"—A woman who left this voicemail message for the Service Employees International Union (SEIU).

I love the implicit threat of gun violence followed by an exhortation to the SEIU to "stop the violence." Without a trace of irony.

Also love the framing that members of the SEIU aren't Americans.

Greg Sargent notes: "The call seems to refer to reports today to scuffles in St. Louis between SEIU members and town hall rowdies. … Brian Beutler reports that an anti-health care reform organizer is explicitly calling on the troops to 'carry' and if SEIU members get disruptive, to 'hurt them'."

And Rush Limbaugh gave out the address of SEIU's St. Louis headquarters today on his show.

Meanwhile, a Republican Congressman who had the good sense to tell people to stop listening to Glenn Beck got booed.

Totally, totally trucknutz.

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