This May Well Be the Most Hilaritragic Thing I've Ever Seen

Pauly Shore, who I'm fairly certain found his way back from the wilds of oblivion by following the scent of this post, just showed up back in civilization in order to consult with an attorney about suing Sacha Baron Cohen for, I shit you not, allegedly stealing Shore's idea of adopting an African baby as a plot device. (No word on whether Shore will also be suing Madonna.)

In any case, this story was reported at, among other places, the gossip site In Case You Didn't Know, where the accompanying picture of Shore was emblazoned by a pop-up ad...

...for Brüno, featuring an image of the titular character holding, natch, his adopted African baby.

I'd almost feel sorry for Shore, almost, if he weren't, ya know, effectively arguing: "Hey! That totally racist joke was mine first!"


If I hadn't already quit the world today, I would now.

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