Read These Now Before Genome Jettison Destroys Health Care

Tonight is the premiere of Torchwood:Children of Earth on BBC America. BBCA has the most horrid commercial interruptions. A character could be in mid-sentence and BBCA cuts to a commercial. GO AMERICA! Bully for BBCA for that Ianto/Jack embrace on the front page though. I already watched it. If you want spoilers I posted some screencaps. I thought about making some higher resolution screencaps, but I am a sloth. Maybe tomorrow. Or if I have sufficient Champagne.

While I spent my day making egg rolls, the world continued to revolve. Now I have to open Google Reader and see what distressing antics my fellow humans performed. Bully for me! Where's the Champagne? I need some optimism.

Iranian Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Shirin Ebadi: "New Elections Must Take Place"

South Africa stops funding for AIDS vaccine research. (365 Gay)

Drudge doesn't want government feeding those in need. (Gawker)

Michael Steele on health care reform, SOCIALISM. "Many Democrats outside of the Obama-Pelosi-Reid-Waxman cabal know that voters won't stand for these kinds of foolish prescriptions for our health care. We do too. That's why Republicans will stop at nothing to remind voters about the risky experimentation going on in Washington." O' those cabals! With my premiums, give me some of that SOCIALISM. Ham and cheese too. Oh bully! Michael Steele is on Hardballz. I'm not listenin'. I'm readin'.

How is my day not complete without reading Christian Newswire? Health care reform will provide abortions for all.
Some journalists have written casually that the bills "do not mention" abortion. Johnson said, "The bills don't mention cardiac bypass operations or cataract extractions, either, but those procedures will be mandated as essential services, and so will elective abortion, unless Congress explicitly excludes abortion from the bills."
Dr. Ron Paul: Healthcare Is Not A Right! Uh-huh. We are all gonna die while bother.

All this health readin' is going drive me to drink. Oops.

"Fisk University in Nashville may be able to sell some of its 101-piece Georgia O'Keeffe art collection, an appeals court judge ruled, finding that the Georgia O'Keeffe Museum has no right to intervene in the sale."

New iPhone app helps you score pot.

I love an Illuminated Manuscript for the beauty, not the message. The favorite copy I own is The Hours of Catherine of Cleves.

Sea lamprey jettison one-fifth of their genome.

Live blogging the first moon landing 40 years later.

Climate engineering research gets green light.

"Using a combination of sensory, genetic, and in vitro approaches, researchers from the Monell Center confirm that the T1R1-T1R3 taste receptor plays a role in human umami (amino acid) taste."

Do Contaminants Play a Role in Diabetes?

The most important story of the day: Sarah Palin's hairdresser twittered, unlike what the NY Times wrote, that almost former Gov. Palin's hair is not, repeat, not thinning.

I need to freshen my cocktail now and call my hairdresser.


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