Read These Now Because I Ain't Payin' 99¢ for Virtual Purity

I am not a morning person. The most I can manage in the morning is to avoid tripping when I check on the garden. The moles invade my world with a vengeance. I tried humane measures, then resorted to poison, but the suckers still thrive. I might have to call the professionals because my backyard is a spongy mess. Tunnels everywhere! I got that out of my system for a few. Let me drink a pot of coffee and see if I can concentrate.

I really should stop calling this post "morning readings." I should just post it in the early evening and call it: "Afternoon, after I have a cocktail to deal, readings. " A full highball makes reading more enjoyable.

Fort Worth mayor apologizes for raid on gay bar. (365 Gay)

Lithuanian Parliament passed legislation to protect the children from the gays. (AP) "It also bars information that gives credence to paranormal phenomena, hypnosis or promotes bad eating." I should hold a seance and serve Cheetos and doughnuts. Hopefully, the conjured spirit will be gay.

Because just wearing a "purity ring" isn't enough, there is now an Iphone app. Hypocrisy in the 21st century.

How the Democrats' Health Tax Would Work.

Uh-huh. Why concentrate on it now? "Republican leaders in Congress plan to zero in on the nation's economy, weighed down by an unemployment rate approaching 10 percent, as key to building momentum for the 2010 elections."

Could cannon balls from the early 19th century sink warships?

After Three Months in a Tin Can, Six Men End Simulated Mars Mission.

SHOCKING! Cosmetic Surgery Appeals To Men, Women With Appearance-based Rejection Sensitivity.

Why music moves us. (SCIAM)

John Barrowman in drag, again. Update:Even more fabulous pics on his website.

I need more coffee.


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