From the You Can't Make This Shit Up Files

So there's this lovely little story about the Obamas in Russia at CNN, and how Sasha and Malia are excited about the trip, and how much the President enjoys having the First Lady and First Daughters with him:
Asked if having his daughters joining his wife on a high-profile trip helps take the edge off the tough diplomatic negotiations, Obama told CNN it's fantastic to have his girls "being able to see the world and then report back to us on what they are seeing" on the trip, which included the daughters getting to check out the Kremlin.

"You know it makes a huge difference," said the president. "The girls are just a joy. And then Michelle just, she's always — she's a star at home and abroad."
Tres cute! I mean, forget for a moment that he's a politician who can drive ya batshit nutz: That's just sweet as hell.

Cue the conservative wankstains in the comments there, who immediately start griping up a storm about the taxpayer dollars that are spent on accommodating travel for the Obama girls. Not only are these the same people who didn't make a peep when Bush and the Republican-controlled Congress were going through taxpayer cash like it was weed at Phish gig, but they're also the same people who can't stop saying "Family Values" as though they're the passwords to heaven.

Which means, according to my calculations, that Conservative Family Values means spending loads of dosh to bomb Muslim children, and gnashing teeth in protest of spending money to make sure the President can spend time with his children.

All righty then. As long as we understand each other.

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