Anti-Cruelty Überfail

[Strong trigger warning.]

And you thought the Animal Rights Group That Shall Not Be Named was bad. Well, they are—but this advert for the Dutch non-profit "Animals Awake" pulled a page from their playbook then significantly upped the ante when they created a viral campaign featuring "international fetish model" and the Netherlands' "Sexiest Vegetarian" Ancilla Tilia, which was promoted across the internet with the promise that Tilia would get naked for a good cause on June 22.

And thus begins the video, which shows Tilia doing a striptease to classic burlesque music—until a fisherman runs onstage and knocks her in the head with a club, then whips out a knife and guts her while she screams. Onscreen text tells us: "Stripping alive is not okay! But every day thousands of fish are stripped of their internal organs. Alive and conscious. Wake up!"

Christ. Where to begin?

The ad is utterly nauseating; I can't even watch it without feeling like I'm going to be sick. And then there's the marketing that drew viewers on the promise of seeing a hot naked girl (gross in itself) only to then show her being brutally assaulted (mega-gross), as if dudez who turn in to get a gander at a fetish model are really going to give a fuck about the anti-cruelty message. As if an anti-cruelty message is even being successfully conveyed when it's done via the ostensible torture and murder of a human woman! And why, oh why, are women always substituted for animals in these pieces of shit?

My head hurts. My heart hurts. Have at it in comments.

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