Anderson Cooper Discovers Whipped Cream in a Can

I keep seeing this all over the internetz and teevee, and it makes me laugh every time, so I thought I'd post it for anyone who hasn't yet had the pleasure of viewing it. This is a segment from a week when Anderson Cooper was recently filling in for Regis Philbin on Live with Regis and Kelly.
[Transcript starting at 1:45]

Kristin Van Ogtrop: And so finally we have an ice cream pie.

Anderson Cooper: Mmmmmmmm...cream pie.

Van Ogtrop: Now, you can use a couple of crusts; this is the easiest one, which is, um, you know, just your cookie dough, your cookie crust.

Kelly Ripa: [to Cooper] I know. [inaudible; grabs can of whipped cream and squirts a shot directly in mouth]

Cooper: Oh my god! Wow! [audience laughter and applause] Wow!

Van Ogtrop: You start with that. You do that first.

Ripa: [shimmies at Cooper] Dance with me right now.

Cooper: [giggles] Wow. [reaches for can]

Van Ogtrop: And so, you know, what you want to do is, you want the ice cream to melt a little bit more, obviously, than this...

Ripa: Right. Well.

[In background, Cooper is intently investigating the can of whipped cream.]

Van Ogtrop: And you spread it out, right?

Ripa: Yes.

Van Ogtrop: And you spray it—Anderson, you could do a little cream on top here.

Cooper: Sorry, I'm—

Ripa: Anderson, please, make that pretty.

[Cooper turns can upside down and tries to squeeze it; looks at Ripa helplessly and confusedly when nothing comes out]

Van Ogtrop: Oh, come on! [gently takes can from him]

Ripa: Are you serious? Did you not have a childhood at all?

Cooper: [laughing] No!

[crosstalk; Van Ogtrop explains how the can works to Cooper]

Ripa: At Studio 54, they never had any Cool Whip.

[Cooper sprays an enormous amount of whipped cream onto the top of the ice cream; then tries to squirt a shot in his mouth, but gets nothing but air; he looks dejected; laughter]

Van Ogtrop: No, you gotta— [mimes shaking]

Ripa: [grabs can] Put your head back.

Cooper: Oh! Now I'm huffing!

[Ripa shakes can and then squirts a shot into Cooper's mouth; audience laughs and applauds; Ripa takes another shot]

Cooper: Wow. That is really good! [takes another long shot; stands back with cheeks puffed full of whipped cream while Ripa ends the segment]

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