Yes, We're Gay

Shaker bekitty sent me this video, which is an ideal complement to yesterday's Question of the Day:

[Transcript below.]
Scotty: Yes, I'm gay.

Miguel: Yes, I'm gay.

Marcellas: Yes, I'm gay.

Derrick: Yes, I'm gay.

Carlos: Yes, I'm gay.

Davey: Yes, I'm gay.

John: Yeah, I'm gay.

Dan: So, yes, we are gay. But there are some things we'd like you to know about us.

Michael: I like figure skating.

Scotty: I like fashion.

Davey: And I don't know who Bette Midler is.

Carlos: I really like Madonna.

Michael: I like my pink Blackberry.

Scotty: I like playing football.

Dan: I like to wear a ridiculous v-neck shirt.

Davey: And I like penis.

Michael: I like YouTube.

Derrick: And I do not like rainbows.

Scotty: I don't want to bang every guy I see.

Carlos: At rock concerts, I like going into the mosh pit.

Dan: I'm an atheist.

Derrick: And I don't like every single dude that walks right by me.

John: But I don't wear pink.

Dan: I'm one of those really awesome radical feminists.

Carlos: I don't like techno sometimes; it gets a little too annoying.

Michael: I like gymnastics.

Scotty: I like shopping.

Miguel: And I hate shopping.

Marcellas: But I like to fight.

John: And I'm not a slut.

Carlos: I like to build things, with like woodwork and plastics. Ah, so amazing.

Scotty: I like musicals.

Dan [wearing hoodie]: I like wearing hoods when the weather isn't necessarily hood-appropriate.

Miguel: And I respect myself.

Michael: I don't like cleaning.

Scotty: I love Kathy Griffin.

Davey: And I eat carbs.

John: And I really enjoy watching and playing almost any sport.

Carlos: And I like Britney Spears.

Derrick: And I don't like having a lot of hair.

Marcellas: I hate Paris. I hate Britney. I hate Kim Kardashian.

Michael: I like chasing cars.

Derrick: And I don't like musicals.

Michael: I like musical theater.

Carlos: I don't like Cher, or her music.

Derrick: I don't like Britney Spears.

Miguel: And I'm healthy.

Derrick: And I like eating food. A lot.

Carlos: I know some think that gays are clean, but I'm really messy.

Dan: When I get older, I wanna have kids, and I wanna name the first one either Olive or Oliver.

Michael: Oh! I like Patty LuPone in Gypsy!

Miguel: And I think it's okay to be friends with straight people.

Marcellas: And I despise the circuit lifestyle.

Scotty: I don't enjoy awards shows.

Carlos: I don't quite fancy musicals that much.

John: And I don't sound gay.

Michael: I don't like cooking.

Dan: I am so a cat person. [holds up cat]

Carlos: I don't like to smoke.

Michael: I don't like that I don't have a housekeeper to cook and clean for me.

Carlos: I don't understand football at all. Ugh.

Scotty: I believe in god.

Derrick: And I like playing football.

Davey: And I don't like musicals. Except for High School Musical.

Derrick: And I like Pokemon games!

Scotty: I like action movies.

Dan: I love Will & Grace and Roseanne.

Carlos: I don't like to wear high heels or dresses.

John: But, like, musicals make me livid. I just can't watch them.

Derrick: And I like strategy board games.

Scotty: Sex is more than a physical pleasure to me.

Davey: And I like cheerleaders.

Dan: I don't like Cher.

John: And I do not use the word "fierce" in my daily vocabulary.

Carlos: I don't aspire to be a hairdresser or a make-up artist when I grow up.

Marcellas: And I like shopping.

Miguel: And I'm not promiscuous.

Dan: But most of all, when you're getting to know us, there's one thing in particular that you really should know about.

Davey: But this isn't because I'm gay—it's because I'm Davey Wavey, bitch!

Derrick: But this isn't because I'm gay—it's because I'm Derrick.

John: But all these things aren't because I'm gay—um, it's because I'm John.

Scotty: But this isn't because I'm gay—it's because I'm Scotty.

Carlos: But this isn't because I'm gay—it's because I'm Carlos.

Michael: But this isn't because I'm gay—it's because I'm Michael.

Miguel: This isn't because I'm gay; this is because I'm Miguel.

Marcellas: But this isn't because I'm gay—it's because I'm Marcellas Reynolds.

Dan: We're people, too. And our actions, likes, and dislikes shouldn't have to be explained by our sexuality. So, yes, I'm gay—but, most importantly, I'm Dan.

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