Wednesday Blogaround

This Blogaround is brought to you by Shaxco, makers of Shaxe World Spray. Shaxe binds to molecules of Axe body spray and associated particles of desperation, thwarted entitlement, and Niceguyonium* and pulls them from the atmosphere. A sort of Febreeze of the Soul, if you will.

Shaxe World Spray: Standing up for yourself and your friends is omg way betterer like whoa!

(advertising slogan borrowed from shaker SugarLeigh in comments. Thanks!)
*a newly-discovered element that has likely been around for millenia.

But seriously, let's get down to it:

Melissa has a new piece up at The Guardian's Comment is free America about the murder of Dr. George Tiller: A murderous wake-up call

Zuska: Silence Is The Enemy

Latoya Peterson: Of Thin Blue Lines, Race, and Stereotypes

Wired: China Censors: The Tiananmen Square Anniversary Will Not Be Tweeted

Laila Lalami: Department of WTF

AmandaW: Let's talk about sex

Barbara Fisher: And The Beet Goes On...My Wrist (And in My Salad)

Passive Aggressive Notes: blowing smoke

Sociological Images: Geez, What a Tool!

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